How We Teach

Our training is completely authentic, there's no question about that. Kumu Kawika learned in the taditional way from his teacher Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki. He lived with Kumu Lawrene in Halawa Valley for 10 years, where he learned everything he shares with you in an Oral and Observation way. He was taught to look, watch and observe and then ask questions. Often they would travel through Molokai and at the end of the day Kumu Lawrence would ask Kumu Kawika what he had learned. At Events and Ceremonies, Kumu would participate with Kumu Lawrence and Uncle Pilipo as a way of learning and understanding, and at the end questioned as to what he had learned and observed.

Nānā ka maka; hoʻolohe ka pepeiao; paʻa ka waha - Observe with the eyes; listen with the ears; shut the mouth - is the traditional Hawaiian method of teaching. It encourages a deeper level of observation, reflection, understanding and therefore learning. It's about learning with all of the senses, with everything you've got so you can hear the wisdom of the Ancestors flowing through the spaces of what is being taught. If your mind is full of questions, you will not be able to hear the answers with your body and intuition as well as your brain. Everything must be working in harmony and balance for you to fully learn what is being offered to you by the Kumu - some of which might be unsaid!

Learning about Healing takes mental discipline, so this way of teaching encourages it's development. Of course questions are asked but they're asked at the appropriate or correct time. It's almost a 360 turn-around to Western Style learning where we're taught to question everything. In the Hawaiian Way, we're questioning too, but it's a little different. One Student said it's like learning in a "living, active meditiation where the inner world is stillness and alive at the same time" and in some ways it is like that because you are learning to move through time and space and to see things differently at the same time as you're learning about a specific modality or area of focus. Kumu Lawrence often says it is how endless time is brought ito the present.

The Kupuna (the Elders and Ancestors) have a responsibility to teach and pass on what they know and it is this knowledge and wisdom that is shared with you by Kumu in our training courses, workshops and retreats.