Alaka'i Halani Talks Story: Living Aloha in the Corporate World

Aloha, I'm Halani (Alaka'i to Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster and Co-Manager of Mana O Kahiko - Australia) and this week I thought I'd Talk Story (share) a little on how I live the teachings of Aloha in the business world..

All of my adult working life has been in the corporate/business world, specifically financial institutions. And whilst I thoroughly enjoy my trade, I struggled for a long time with the 'rat race' culture.  This became more of a dilemma and somewhat a conflict for me when I studied more and more subjects on personal development and then spirituality.  I felt like my life and thinking was compartmentalised - there was even a diary event for my personal development and spirituality (Ding! Ding! It's Tuesday 6:00am, time to sit and mediate etc etc) and it was this that kept me yoyoing in and out of anything I learned. I was applying lots in my head and thinking but unable to integrate it into how my corporate world operated.

I reflect on this as my internal turmoil era, not in a dramatic external sense but an internal sense, or what our teachings call Na'au (my essence or seat of knowing and intuition). The more I immersed myself into the teachings, the more this raised itself to the surface and I knew I had to make the change, and I feared it.

Well fear not,  all was Pono (right, correct in alignment). Learning how to be in the 'knowing', and with the help and support of my Kumus and Mentor, I embarked on a number of Ho'oponopono sessions.  These sessions, when facilitated by a trained Luna (facilitator/practitioner - in the traditional language it's called the Executioner!) in the Mana O Kahiko lineage, were transformational and showed me there is nothing to fear.

The teachings taught me how to integrate all aspects of Aloha in my everyday life; the Ho'oponopono sessions allowed me to 'lay down' my fears and remove any aspect that I had anchored against mentally and emotionally, so I can live in Aloha in in all areas of my Life - fullstop!

Of course, the best transformations are within - the removal of fear of what others think, to always be and embrace my true self, to know when I am not in a place of LOVE and take steps that allows me to look after Self first.  And the external transtions were just as amazing and I didn't plan any of them examples...I became more and more detached from other people's dramas and what others did (whether it was directed at me or  just a by-stander experience) I was able to forgive and move on; at work decision making became so much easier - even with all the  corporate power/mind games in play - and my relationships are on what we learn in the teachings is the Line of Truth, they are real, authetic and driven by Aloha that is so visible to others that "hard truth" feels less harsh and more often accepted by others without hurt or conflict.

So you see, the teachings of our Ancestors, all 51 Generations, have universal application, even in this modern, corporatised world. Once you understand them and start trying them out, the person who benefits most is you - at every level of your existence. You're more you in every part of your life. No more compartmentalising or separation of the different parts of you. Actually, it's neither here nor there if you are in corporate world or not, Life is for Living ALOHA, and if that's something you want to know how to do, then the teachings of our Lineage can help you. And just like me, your world will open up in ways that you wouldn't think possible.