How a blind date led to a date with the Teachings

From Donna: I was first introduced to traditional Hawaiian teachings by complete “accident”. After being set up on a blind dinner date, with a woman, I knew the Universe was having a little giggle with me. Well thanks to that random encounter, my now good friend mentioned “Hawaiian Bodywork" and that was the moment I knew I had been heard, I just didn’t know how much yet. 

That evening, out of the blue, either Google or Uhane (Spirit) hacked my phone and up came KUMU PA’A KAWIKA FOSTER LEVEL 1 LOMI LOMI, a traditional Hawaiian teacher, only 20 minutes down the road, I was amazed. Before I could even try and talk myself out of it, due to cost, work commitments etc., a voice from within said, “Donna. You’re going, not another word, pack your bags.” I knew this voice well, and I would not dare to challenge it. 

I joined that course and I rocked up with my mala beads and yoga mat, and entered into the class with a beautiful couple from Melbourne. Kumu opened with protocol, shared different mo’olelo (stories), and then we all underwent the process of Ho’oponopono, to heal relationships, and began to learn the bodywork aspect of the full healing process - because Lomi Lomi is more than just the physical technique of what we call "massage".  

As a devoted yogi, I had been blessed with beautiful and profound experiences with Spirit, so this teaching was a taste of what is called in our Lineage "Knowing" and I was intrigued as to what I was feeling, becoming, or what simply already was. As Kumu says, “It’s so simple, yet our lives have made it so complicated”.

Since then I have followed the teachings, attending further courses, online classes and a retreat.  It was at the Mana O Hawaii - Australia Retreat (held annually - find our more about it on Kumu Lawrence's website in November 2016 that I pursued and followed that call to become a Haumana (an accepted student) and now I'm part of the Mana O Kahiko - Australia Halau (school).

But you don't have to become a full Haumana to do the training or workshops. Many people come to them because they have a special interest in one or more aspects of Hawaiian Spirituality. Some people want to learn more about Spirituality and Healing so they start off in the Discover Hawaiian Spirituality Workshop, tune in to a Facebook Live Talk Story or go to one of Kumu Lawrence's online classes. Others have a particular interest in learning Lomi Lomi or learning Ho'oponopono so they go there first. Wherever you start is the right place, because in all of the training you learn about how to live a life of aloha. And that's what it's all about.