How Traditional Ho’oponopono Healing Makes Things Right Again

Ho’o / pono / pono – pronouncing it correctly is the first thing most struggle with when it comes to Ho’oponopono. If this is your first time with the word, let’s break it down and make it simple to understand…

Ho’o is an action word – it’s about doing something. Pono is about righting something that’s gone skewiff, off course, out of alignment and correcting it. In other words, something’s just not quite right and it’s affecting how you feel about your life and preventing you from feeling happy.

Now, you can see that the word Pono is repeated twice – Ho’oponoPONO. When you see a word that is repeated twice, then you can be pretty sure it’s an important thing to do for your health and wellbeing. It’s as if we can hear our Ancestors saying “Hey, take notice, this is an important thing to do. It’s good for you…

Ho’oponopono is a traditional therapeutic process the Ancestors utilised when an individual or family group had an illness, injury or family quarrels. Our Ancestors knew that any pilikia – trouble – at any level took people out of alignment with themselves, others, the land and ultimately their relationship with the Higher Being.

They knew healthy, loving and spiritually aligned relationships were at the foundation of all happiness and that relationships occurred at multiple levels at once. They knew that if one relationship was misaligned and out of synch – all other relationships would be too. And because they understood what we might call today “energy” and how it worked, they understood how broken relationships negatively affected everyone and everything.

Remembering our Ancestors were an agricultural people who lived in small communities, you can see how vital it was to not only their wellbeing, but, on a practical level their survival, that harmonious relationships were maintained so everyone was happy and in aloha all of the time.

From where we are today, with the world in such disarray, it seems impossible that anyone could be 100% happy all of the time – yet this was how they lived. And one of the reasons they were able to live this way was because of the practice of Ho’oponopono – making things right.

They made sure that things were made right at the end of the day, that grievances, conflict or misunderstandings were brought into the open to find a resolution, making things right again. They knew it was important to bring themselves, family and the community into Universal alignment so that the Mana, the energy, could flow freely between them and the Ancestors in PO – the place of origin.

They knew that if these things remained unaddressed unhappiness and illness would follow – that’s not so different today where so many people are chronically unhappy, depressed, anxious, alone, low in vitality and more, because things from the distant and recent past are unresolved. Family and community was of such supreme importance that they didn’t want anyone to suffer isolation, aloneness and unhappiness.

Which is why Ho’oponopono was needed and is still used today – it brings up any obstructions & constructs from anywhere in the past, resolves them and puts things right at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and finally inner peace, calm and happiness is achieved. Even after many years.

People often ask if anyone can be involved in this process? Yes, as it was traditionally done within families, however on occasion children would not be involved in the very serious situations. And if the issue involved children, then the Kupuna (Elders) would most certainly be involved.

Can anyone execute a Ho’oponopono session? No - there are many protocols and foundation understandings to know before a person can successfully execute a traditional therapeutic Ho’oponopono session correctly. This is one of the many things our Lineage is able to teach because the information has been so carefully preserved and why we include them in our training programs. We’re not just teaching people to do a process, we're teaching them the whole A – Z! We’re not teaching people to skim the surface, but to take another person through the process so they can absolutely know the root cause of any conflict, and therefore a resolution can be reached that will last a lifetime.

For those practicing Hawaiian bodywork who want to be true to the tradition of Hawaiian Healing (or people doing any other healing work where Ho’oponopono fits in) the traditional therapeutic Ho’oponopono process utilised prior to the session will take the healing treatment to deeper, more profound levels. 

Do you want to be much more than a massage therapist/bodyworker and offer a full Hawaiian Healing Service to your clients? Do you want to be able to do Ho’oponopono in your own family or friendship group so that you have a way of solving family conflicts? Join a class - visit our calendar to see the next training.