This is the traditional practice of Ho’oponopono - a deeply spiritual and therapeutic process traditionally used within families to ensure that conflicts, hostilities and disagreements were resolved and absolutely forgiven, so that no “baggage” or “emotional overhang” remained. In the traditional language, this “baggage” is called Pohaku or stones – the things that weigh you down. We understand that for true healing to occur, all of the stones – the limiting constructs of our experiences must be removed.

Ho'oponopono is the process used to make the corrections needed so that you return to the correct alignment for health, wellbeing and wholeness and away from destructive emotions, thoughts and actions. Through this correction you bring yourself into Universal alignment with a Higher Power, creating 'rightness' within yourself, family, society and our universe.

Your training includes Pre-requisite training with Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki in a "Living Classroom" live from Molokai Hawaii or if you miss those dates we have a self-paced pre-course reading package for you. Ho'oponopono Lomi Lomi and Ho'oponopono go together. We highly recommend Lomi Lomi Practitioners from any of the styles/schools of Lomi Lomi do Ho'oponopono Training. WATCH VIDEO

3 Reasons to Train With Us

It's Traditional...

The "prayer/mantra" I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you isn't Ho'oponopono in our traditional teachings. Ho'oponopono is a whole healing process with specific protocols to follow.

It's Authentic...

It comes from a verifable, living lineage where you can meet, talk story and be taught directly by its Kumus. Anakala Pilipo is recognised as a living treasure. You can't learn it from a book.

It's Indisputable...

We still use this process today in our private sessions and work with families and groups. It's the perfect complement to Lomi Lomi which is often done after a Ho'oponopono session.

Level 1

After your Pre-requisite training build and expand on your foundation with 3 days practical training with Kumu Pa’a Kawika Foster. Learn more about the Ho’oponopono process and steps; Akua, Prayer, Truth, Aka Cord and Intuition; identifying and releasing pohaku; family dynamics and relationships; your role in Ho’oponopono; how to do a 1:1 Ho’oponopono session & a post-course individual mentoring session: Get Started with Ho’oponopono. Total course is 34 hours.  This course is offered as both Residential & Non-residential. Click to download a Course Information Sheet.



Sydney: Non-Residential 04, 05, 06 May 2018
Sydney: Non-Residential 17, 18, 19 August 2018

Prerequisites May Course: Self-paced Pre-Course Reading Materials. For August Course it's 28, 29 July + 1 session Ho'oponopono 4 August - all with Kumu Lawrence live from Hawaii

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Level 2

Step it up! The 3-day practical component of training with Kumu Pa’a Kawika explores the historical significance of Ho’oponopono and expands the layers Ho’oponopono. There's advanced exploration of healing relationships and family dynamics, extension of the core processes Remembering, Forgiving, Forgetting; strengthening the spiritual foundation and understanding of Ho’oponopono; going deeper into working with your intuition and the wisdom of the Ancestors, Q&A Level 1 Revision and Check-in, an introduction to working with couples and families and post-course individual mentoring session: Troubleshooting & Getting Going. Click to download a Course Information Sheet. Total course is 27 hours.



Location: Stay tuned for next dates. If you're hot for the next level, use the Contact Page to let us know and we'll put you on the interested list.

Prerequisites: Ho'oponopono Level 1, ONLINE MODULE – SELF PACED: Online learning module Hawaiian Migration/History

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