Hula is our traditional form of dance that preserves history, tradition, knowledge and wisdom. It is a way of communicating with the elements of our Universe. Hula involves mental discipline, strong intuition, story-telling and the use of prayer. It is a way of making meaningful connection with all things in this Universe, of embodying and expressing Aloha (unconditional love), clearing so healing energy can flow to you and from you and much more. When we dance Hula we are able to cross time & space and enter into the world of our Ancestors.

We teach both Kahiko (the old form) and Auana (the modern form) of Hula. Hula is run as formal instructional workshops every term with monthly practice sessions in between. There's two levels of Hula - 1 Day Beginners and 1 Day Intermediate/Advanced. Advanced Students have the option of attending both days. Beginners are welcome to attend the Advanced Class (because we all know that's how you develop faster) with the understanding that the focus is on the development of the Advanced students and we won't be offering instruction at the Beginners level.

Hula is also part of Kumu Lawrence's annual Mana O Hawaii Australian Retreat and is a wonderful way of learning how to connect with our Ancestors through prayerful movement. Have questions about Hula? Learn more about Hula in our Blog articles or go to our Contact page and ask. 

3 Reasons To Learn Hula

Hula is Living Memory...

When you Hula you're remembering all those that came before you - and you don't have to be Hawaiian to do that. The stories and aspirations of your own life are woven into a single movement.


Living Connection...

It's connection to the plants, animals, the elements, and all things in this Universe. Hula is timeless and limitless, so when you Hula you are moving into a space not limited by time or form.


Living Spirituality...

Through the prayers, rituals, songs, chants & protocols, Hula connects you to your spirituality and mana - spirit power - available for everyday life. Hula expresses the sacredness of life.

Beginners - 1 Day

We teach Hula in a blended format – a 1 Day Weekend Workshop each school term, Self-paced Home Practice, Monthly Led-Practice. You will learn the Basic Hula Steps, Hand Movements, Chants and Protocols and one complete Hula to practice at home and in the optional monthly workshops. Hula contains many elements of Hawaiian Spiritual Practice and you’ll enjoy learning how these weave together through the dance.  Click to download the Class Information Sheet. Add on the $25 optional monthly class below. 




Prerequisites: There are no pre-requisites for Hula. Where comfortable loose clothing, bring a sarong or full skirt. Bring your own lunch and drinks.

1 Day - Special Offer

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Both Days - Not Available for May

Intermediate & Advanced - 1 Day

Intermediate and Advanced students attend in the same pattern as Beginners:  1 day weekend workshop, Self-paced Home Practice, Monthly Practice in which all Hulas are danced to achieve Mastery. Dancers have the option of attending both workshop days – Beginners Class and Advanced Class. Click to download the Class Information Sheet. Add on the optional $25 optional monthly class below. 




Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of Beginners Level or an experienced Hula Dancer.

1 Day

Both Days

Monthly Practice

This is a "led-practice" in which Dancers at both levels come together to practice skills and the Hulas they know with the Alaka'i or Po'opua'a leading the class. Kumu often drops in online to check your progress and answer your questions. Although optional, we highly recommended that you come to a monthly class between workshops and your home practice. When Hula Dancers dance together they get better faster - that's the way Mana works.

Practice Session:  6.15pm - 8.30pm

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Prerequisites: None