Lomi Lomi is the practice of Hawaiian Healing through touch. Although often referred to as “Hawaiian Massage” we refer to it as Hawaiian Bodywork. There are many different styles of Lomi Lomi which can change by family, regions (called Ahupua’a) and island! Our approach to training is to teach more than the Lomi Lomi techniques.

We ensure each student has a firm understanding of the culture, the correct protocols and the healing foundations first so you know where and how Lomi Lomi fits into the overall framework of Hawaiian healing, thinking and living. With all that extra information, you start out as a confident  Practitioner - you can share more about Lomi Lomi and answer the many questions your clients ask of you, knowing each time the answers you give are absolutely correct.

Training is in two formats - residential/retreat style and non-residential - and includes Pre-requiste Classes with Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki. The "Living Classroom" with Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki is live from Hawaii.

3 Reasons to Train With Us

Our Kumu is Hawaiian...

Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster was born on Oahu and lived with his teacher Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki in Halawa Valley, Molokai for 10 years. Complete in every detail, his training was done the traditional way. He is the 51st Generation of Kumus.

You Can Trace Our Lineage...

WOW Factor! You can trace our lineage to the original families of Hawaii and meet Uncle Pilipo, 49th Generation & the oldest living member of our 'Ohana, too. And, you'll be doing classes with Kumu Lawrence - he's the 50th Generation.

We're The Real Deal...

We have 51 Generations of knowledge & wisdom to teach you. You won't just learn about Lomi Lomi, Ho'oponopono, Hula and so on - we'll teach you everything else you need to know so you have an unshakeable foundation. You'll be Pa'a, just like us.

Level 1

Level 1 starts with a Pre-requisite 6 hour live class with Kumu Lawrence followed by 3 days of practical training with Kumu Kawika Foster which includes the protocols for healing, chants, prayers, Hawaiian energy centres (Piko’s), how to read the body, back of body & front of body Lomi Lomi techniques plus a post-course individual mentoring session: Get Started in Practice. At the completion of Level 1 you will be able to give a full Lomi Lomi Treatment. The course is 31 hours. Click to download a Course Information Sheet.



Prerequisites: 2 x (3 hr each) sessions PAPA -  FOUNDATIONS OF HAWAIIAN HEALING.

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Level 2

Take it deeper and begin to refine and add to your techniques. Over 3 days with Kumu Kawika learn deep and gentle techniques, under body techniques, bone and joint techniques, pressure techniques, Hawaiian hard surface and floor technique, HA - Breathwork technique, reading the body, clearing spiritual/mental/physical blockages, post-course individual mentoring session: Build Your Professional Practice. Total course hours: 27 hours. Click to download a Course Information Sheet.



Prerequisites: History of Lomi Lomi Online Class - 1 Session + Lomi Lomi Level 1


Pay In Full

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